• Badults

  • 状态:6集全
  • 类型:喜剧
  • 主演:Matthew Crosby Ben Clark Tom Parry Emer Kenny
  • 首播时间:2013-07-23
  • 地区:英国

简介:Outrageous, ridiculous, and with an anarchic streak, Badults is a studio based sitcom which follows flatmates Tom, Ben and Matthew on a series of adventures that lead them to the brink of death, imprisonment, or even worldwide fame.Now in their late 20s, Tom, Ben and Matthew are living out the pact that they made as kids; to live together when they're all grown up. But in truth they simply can't act grown up - they are bad at being adults - they're 'badults'.It very quickly becomes clear that this isn't a conventional flat-share. Instead it's a springboard for a series of absorbing, unexpected schemes: transforming the flat into a pop up restaurant, launching a new dance anthem into the charts or re-enacting the French Revolution (to list just a few).The other main characters are Matthew's sister Rachel (played by Emer Kenny), and Mr Carabine (Jack Docherty), who is Rachel and Matthew's boss.Pappy's say: "Having spent 10 years on the live circuit, this is an absolute dream come true for us. We wanted to create a TV show that transformed our live, stage work as Pappy's in to a sitcom with very much the same silly, old school studio sitcom style. We are thrilled to have worked with such an impressive team at Comedy Unit and BBC Three, who got our sense of humour straight away and have had faith in us every step of the way."

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